Esben Bach

MA Comm / MBA (Executive)

Business Development and Strategy Executive with International Expertise.

As a seasoned expert in launching strategic projects and pioneering new market ventures, my background is anchored in a profound understanding of the dynamics required to break new ground and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Holding an Executive MBA from the University of Bradford, my career spans more than a decade at the helm of business development and strategy across a diverse array of industries globally. This experience has honed my ability to not only envision but also meticulously lay the foundations for entering and thriving in new markets. My strategic approach is deeply rooted in a focused assessment of potential within new initiatives, leveraging a rich toolbox of methodologies for sustainable growth and scaling. Beyond strategy formulation and market penetration, my expertise extends to people management, go-to-market strategies, and commercial business development. Known for a results-driven management style, I excel in steering multidisciplinary departments within multi-language organizations across various locations, underpinning my reputation as a strong operational leader committed to excellence.


  • Strategic Business Development
  • Special Project Management
  • Market Validation & Analysis
  • International Market Penetration
  • Go-to-Market Strategy Execution
  • Cross-functional Team Leadership
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Financial Acumen & Revenue Growth



Duckwise A/S (A Trifork Company) – Aalborg, Danmark

2023 – 2024

At Duckwise, I was entrusted with the vital mission of establishing a steady stream of leads and revitalizing the organization’s approach to cross-selling and upselling. When I arrived, the organization lacked any proactive measures for lead generation. My responsibilities encompassed harmonizing business objectives with innovative strategies, leading the charge in implementing initiatives to strengthen our market position and drive substantial growth. Throughout my tenure, I successfully implemented the following:Highlights include:

  • Engineered a paradigm shift to enhance cross-sales and up-sales, significantly diversifying revenue streams.
  • Formulated and executed pioneering outreach strategies, amplifying inbound leads by 200%.
  • Cemented Duckwise’s status as a thought leader in multiple sectors, including proptech and fintech, through strategic moves and innovation.


Aairport Festival – Aalborg, Danmark

2021 – 2023

In my role at Aairport Festival, I confidently led the charge in two pivotal areas. Firstly, I was the mastermind behind technical production, overseeing the entire lifecycle from innovative concept development through to the intricate logistics of construction and teardown. Secondly, I spearheaded the festival’s ambitious business development strategy, forging transformative partnerships poised to become main sponsors. My leadership also extended to cultivating CSR partnerships and securing funding through grants and sponsorships. My tenure was marked by significant achievements, including:

  • Quadrupling the festival’s operational days from two to eight, significantly enhancing our annual event calendar.
  • Successfully doubling our brand partnerships by introducing esteemed international brands into our portfolio.
  • Strategically safeguarding the company with robust contractual frameworks for artist bookings.
  • Revitalizing the festival’s commercial strategy, making decisive cuts to projects that lacked financial viability, thereby streamlining our focus towards profitability and growth.


Magnus Kjøller Holding – Dubai, Forenede Arabiske Emirater

2019 – 2021

I led diverse operational fronts in a high-growth environment, driving efficiency, innovation, and profitability As the strategic advisor for portfolio companies, I leveraged my extensive background in business development and operational leadership to drive substantial growth and operational excellence. My tenure was characterized by a proactive, hands-on engagement with our investments, applying my seasoned expertise to not only guide but actively participate in the strategic development of our portfolio companies. My leadership extended to managing a significant real estate portfolio of nearly 220 residential units, where I implemented strategies that dramatically reduced vacancies to below 12 months in under a year. Key achievements included:

  • Spearheading funding initiatives for startups, providing them with the capital needed to scale and innovate.
  • Overseeing the comprehensive operation and rental strategy of our extensive real estate portfolio, ensuring optimal occupancy and profitability.
  • Leading startup planning and strategic direction for portfolio companies, laying the foundation for their success.
  • Crafting and executing robust annual and quarterly business plans in collaboration with entrepreneurs, aligning vision and operational goals.
  • Conducting thorough research and due diligence on prospective portfolio companies, ensuring strategic alignment and value addition.
  • Serving as a crucial stakeholder for entrepreneurs and the board, offering strategic insights and guidance to steer direction and growth.

My confident and assertive management approach has not only bolstered the operational capabilities of our portfolio companies but also solidified our position in the market as a key player in fostering innovation and driving success.


Pulz Solutions DMCC – Dubai, Forenede Arabiske Emirater

2014 – 2019

In my role as Chief Operations Officer at a dynamic and multifaceted company, I mastered the intricacies of various industries, from online marketing and back-office services to software development for an extensive client base. My leadership spanned the entire organization, driving operations across all departments with an unwavering focus on efficiency, innovation, and profitability. Key accomplishments include:

  • Assuming comprehensive operational command, coupled with full Profit & Loss responsibility, ensuring financial health and operational excellence.
  • Spearheading the design and project management of bespoke customer care software, significantly enhancing internal workflows and client satisfaction.
  • Pioneering the automation of customer service processes, achieving a remarkable 220% boost in the team’s operational capacity.
  • Overseeing the day-to-day management of a performance-driven marketing agency, with a keen focus on maximizing subscription-based revenue streams.
  • Leading a diverse team of 14 international professionals across three distinct departments, consistently driving an increase in per-employee revenue for five consecutive years.

My tenure as COO was marked by a relentless pursuit of operational excellence, strategic vision, and a commitment to leveraging technology to streamline operations, bolster productivity, and enhance profitability.


PointPay – Dubai, Forenede Arabiske Emirater

2012 – 2014

As the pioneering force behind the establishment of a new Danish-owned online payment solutions company in Dubai, I took the reins in transforming a visionary concept into a successful operational entity. My leadership was instrumental from inception, managing all aspects of company formation, including legal setup, banking arrangements, HR processes, and office establishment. Once the foundation was laid, I seamlessly transitioned to spearhead business development efforts, showcasing my versatility and strategic acumen. Key achievements include:

  • Navigating the complexities of business incorporation in a foreign market, establishing robust legal, financial, and operational infrastructures.
  • Assembling a top-tier software development team, comprising specialists in backend, full stack, and front-end development, to drive product innovation.
  • Cultivating strategic partnerships with international banks and their risk management departments, enhancing our operational capabilities and market reach.
  • Collaborating closely with our data analyst to scrutinize transaction data, ensuring optimal performance and identifying growth opportunities.
  • Crafting comprehensive status reports for owners and external stakeholders, providing transparent insights into business performance and strategic direction.

My decisive leadership and strategic foresight were pivotal in not only launching the company but also in steering its course towards becoming a key player in the online payment solutions arena.


MBA (Executive) – University of Bradford: 2019 – 2023

Executive Master’s degree program emphasizing business operations, strategy, change management, economics, finance, marketing, and organizational culture.

Cand.mag. i Kommunikation – Aalborg Universitet, Danmark: 2006 – 2011

Master’s degree in communication, specializing in strategic communication, public relations, and traditional mass communication.r.

Grafisk designteknolog – University College, Aalborg, Danmark: 2004 – 2006

Diploma in Graphic Design, both digital and print.


Proud father of Lukas, aged four, and Mathis, nearing two, originally from Thisted. Music aficionado with a background in the event and festival industry. When not wrangling the wilderness of our garden, I’m pushing my limits in the kitchen, striving to create memorable meals for my family. Together, we’re dedicated to crafting a wholesome childhood for our boys. Additionally, for the past five years, I’ve served as a mentor for budding entrepreneurs at Aalborg University’s accelerator program, offering constructive feedback to nurture their entrepreneurial dreams.